(Photo : Daichi Aijima)

This is a collection of photographs newly produced based on a work from 2005 in which tried to think about reproduction and its medium. A postcard-sized eraser (148 x 100 x 11 mm) is split in two by inserting the blade of a cutter from the side, and photographed with light shining on each. The marks made by the blade, which requires a little force and is difficult to control, are engraved on the eraser as an improvised image, and at the same time, another image is created as a mirror image. The two sets of cut images are superimposed once again by the movement of the eyeballs or by closing the book.
257 × 169 mm, 62 pages, 63 images, Codex binding, Offset print
Design by Daichi Aijima
Published by DOOKS
Publication date: October 2021
Edition of 300
¥2,500 (Tax in.)

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